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The Baking Notification Project connects hobby bakers with their neighbors to share extra baked goods. Your subscription supports a hobby baker in your neighborhood.

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Janine Anderson

West Racine

Racine, Wisconsin



What subscribers get

Subscribers receive automated text message notifications about baked goods available for pickup. There is no additional cost for treats claimed by subscribers.

How it works

Bakers commit to sending out at least two baking notifications per month, though that number may vary on average from month to month. A baking notification round includes a limited number of offers for a specified baked good. When you claim an offer, you’ll get details about how to pick up your treat. Once all offers are claimed, the baking notification round will automatically close.

When you’ll get notifications

There’s no set schedule. Subscribers receive baking notifications whenever their baker has extra baked goods to give away.

Subscribe to baking notifications from Janine Anderson

Bakers who use the Baking Notification Project to share baked goods with their neighbors are independent and do not work for the Baking Notification Project, a service developed by and for home bakers. By subscribing, you are connecting with and supporting a baker in your neighborhood. For bakers offering paid subscription plans, the cost of your monthly subscription goes directly to your baker.

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You are signing up for a monthly subscription with a recurring charge that will appear as "The Baking Notification Project" and will continue until you cancel. Subscriptions are managed through Square, and the Baking Notification Project does not store credit card information.


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By subscribing, you agree to the Baking Notification Project's Terms of Service .

The Baking Notification Project is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and labeling of baked goods delivered to Subscribers. Subscribers should be advised that baked goods may be prepared in facilities using the same equipment that is used to prepare baked goods containing other allergens even if the allergen is marked as being absent from the food. The Baking Notification Project shall not be liable for any illness, health problem, or other damages that may result from any order or consumption of any baked good and related items obtained through the Service.