Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Baking Notification Project?

The Baking Notification Project is an indie tech startup that connects home bakers with their neighbors to share extra baked goods. We’re based in Nashville, and we’re working with bakers throughout the U.S. to test our concept and tech. The tech is a web-based product that allows bakers to send automated text messages to subscribers when they have extra baked goods to share. Our goal is to make the process of sharing offers and managing claims less onerous for bakers by providing structure and tech built for the job.

How does the Baking Notification Project work?

Home bakers send text messages via the Baking Notification Project's web-based app to neighbors who sign up to receive baking notifications. The text messages are automated and include details about what’s being offered, pickup time, and pickup location. Once claimed, subscribers receive a follow-up text with pickup details, including pickup address.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Bakers have the option to charge $10/month for their subscription, or they can offer it for free. Bakers are independent and collect 100% of their subscription revenue directly, minus third-party payment processing fees.

Note: The Baking Notification Project is a subscription service and does not support direct sale of individual baked goods between baker and consumer. All baked goods shared through the Baking Notification Project are offered at no additional cost to subscribers.

How often do subscribers get texts?

Bakers commit to sending out at least two offers per month. An offer includes a limited number of baked goods, which means that not all subscribers will be able to claim every offer. Because BNP bakers are home bakers who bake for themselves and their families and share their extras, there’s no set day or time when subscribers receive texts. It’s kind of spontaneous and a tiny bit competitive, and subscribers tell us they love that.

Note: To avoid text message filtering as spam or junk, add your Baking Notification Project baker to your known senders or contacts list.

What do subscribers get in an offer?

A typical offer is a single item, like a full-size cookie, slice of cake, croissant, or a big slice of focaccia. Bakers will also package up small, bulk items, like a couple mini muffins, or a few small cookies or candies, for example. Unless a baker provides additional instructions, subscribers should take only one package of treats from the pickup location.

How many times can a subscriber claim during a month?

Subscribers can claim any time they receive an offer text as long as the offer is still open. An offer is limited by the number of treats that a baker has available to share, and an offer is closed when all available packages have been claimed. When an offer closes, there’s an automated follow-up text that says “Hi again! All offers have now been claimed. See you next time.” This text only goes out to subscribers who did not claim before the offer closed. Those who claim receive a follow-up text with pickup details instead.

Note: Bakers can only send automated text messages as Offers through the BNP app and cannot respond directly to subscriber texts with questions or other text that the application does not recognize as an automated command, i.e. claim, remind, nevermind, cancel. When required, we recommend that bakers and subscribers communicate separately via email, social media, or other alternative method.

How many subscribers does a baker usually have?

Each baker is limited to 25 subscribers, though some bakers choose to set their subscriber limit lower. The subscriber limit is intended to keep each project neighborhood-focused and small enough that our bakers’ enjoyable baking hobby doesn’t turn into a stressful hustle. A waitlist is available once a baker reaches their subscriber limit.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscribers can text "cancel" at any time to the number that sends their baking notifications to cancel their monthly subscription immediately. Bakers who would like to close their account should request account closure through their BNP dashboard or contact the Baking Notification Project team directly for support.

When will the Baking Notification Project be in my neighborhood?

It’s hard to say. We’re an extremely small team of two doing this on the side while also parenting a toddler, so we’re taking it slowly and being very intentional about how and where and when we grow. The Baking Notification Project is currently testing in neighborhoods in California, Colorado, Florida, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

How do I become a baker with the Baking Notification Project?

We’re working with beta testers to test and iterate on our concept. You can tell us you're interested and join our waitlist for beta testers here. Bakers who use the Baking Notification Project to share baked goods with their neighbors are independent and do not work for the Baking Notification Project.

Can I use the Baking Notification Project to sell individual baked goods directly to subscribers?

No, the Baking Notification Project is a subscription service and does not support direct sale of individual baked goods between baker and consumer. All baked goods shared through the Baking Notification Project are offered at no additional cost to subscribers.

What about food safety?

Each baker agrees to comply with local regulations in their area as a condition of using the Baking Notification Project to share baked goods with their neighbors. These regulations vary by state and may include specific labeling requirements, home inspections, or restrictions on goods that can be prepared for sale from a home kitchen. You can learn more about food safety requirements and other conditions of use in our Terms of Service.

Is the Baking Notification Project founded by a professional baker?

Co-founder Jessica Morrison here. I have no professional baking experience, and I have never worked in the food industry. I built the Baking Notification Project with my husband Brandon because I was looking for a way to give away all the extra baked goods that were piling up in our house. I wanted to know more of my neighbors, and this seemed like a good way to do it. I have a PhD in geochemistry from the University of Notre Dame, and I spent the last seven years working initially as a journalist and then product director for Chemical & Engineering News. I enjoy baking as a hobby, as most chemists do, and I love feeding people.

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