About Us

Hi! We’re Jessica and Brandon, the tiny team behind the Baking Notification Project. We incubated the BNP in our Nashville kitchen in Fall 2021. Since then, we’ve supported nearly one hundred bakers with more than a thousand subscribers to share many thousands of baked goods.

We continue to be a small, independent tech business with a strong community-focus, and our greatest success is the friendships formed when neighbors meet again and again on front porches to share gifts of baked goods.

In 2024, we’ll look for more ways to get off the internet and into community spaces with you, we’ll continue to hype and highlight home bakers in neighborhoods across the U.S., and we’ll give you opportunities to support our work directly.

We’re so proud of what we’ve built, and we’re grateful to each one of you for being excited about the Baking Notification Project with us. 🧁