Bake what you want, when you want.

The Baking Notification Project makes it easy to share extra baked goods with people in your neighborhood who want them.

Create Your Project


A two-week introductory period to recruit your first subscribers


Share for free or charge a monthly fee for up to 25 subscribers


Bake and share at least twice each month


$19 startup fee and $27/mo platform fee when activated

What is the Baking Notification Project?

The Baking Notification Project is an indie tech startup that connects home bakers with their neighbors to share extra baked goods. We’re based in Nashville, and we’re working with bakers throughout the U.S. to test our concept and tech. The tech is a web-based product that allows bakers to send automated text messages to subscribers when they have extra baked goods to share. Our goal is to make the process of sharing offers and managing claims less onerous for bakers by providing structure and tech built for the job.

Note: The Baking Notification Project does not support direct sale of individual baked goods between baker and consumer. All baked goods shared through the Baking Notification Project are offered at no additional cost to subscribers. To learn more about how the Baking Notification Project works, see our Frequently Asked Questions or visit us on Instagram.

Getting Started

All projects begin with a two-week introductory period called Gather that allows bakers to recruit their first three subscribers before deciding to activate. Projects in Gather appear in our Find a Baker directory and can accept subscribers but cannot send out offers until fully activated.

Pricing and Terms

The startup cost to create a project is a non-refundable, one-time fee of $19, which covers the cost of identity verification and account registration with the Campaign Registry.* Once a project is fully activated, the cost is $27 per month plus local sales tax, where applicable.

Compliance with local regulations, including those that govern cottage food and other home-based food production, is a condition of using the Baking Notification Project platform and service. Regulations vary by region, and bakers are responsible for understanding and complying with regulations in their area. By creating a project, you agree to our terms of service, which apply to bakers and subscribers.

*In compliance with federal regulation and U.S. mobile carrier policies, we charge a non-refundable, one-time fee of $19 at the time of account creation for identity verification and account registration with the Campaign Registry.