The Baking Notification Project connects home bakers with their neighbors to share extra baked goods one text message at a time.

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We’re neighbors, we’re bakers, we’re a growing community, and we brought cookies. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

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We’re working with beta testers to test and iterate on our concept. We occasionally pause our testing recruiting efforts so that we can make improvements based on what we're learning during testing. Bakers who use the Baking Notification Project to share baked goods with their neighbors are independent and do not work for the Baking Notification Project.

If you’d like to bake with us, sign up here.

Support the BNP

The Baking Notification Project is a for-profit, single-member LLC based in Tennessee. We’re building this business slowly and mindfully, which means only growing as quickly as we can manage and afford. We’re self-funded, and we’re developing a business model that we believe is fair to bakers and to ourselves.

Bakers are independent and collect 100% of their subscription revenue directly, minus third-party payment processing fees. To use our notification services and join our Slack community, bakers pay $27/month* toward our monthly technology costs: texts sent, texts received, hosting, and email service. This monthly access fee covers the cost of the tech, but it doesn’t even begin to provide a fair wage for our time.

A lot of tech startups offset the high cost of product development and engineering through investment funding, which allows them to scale quickly and offer products and services to customers at a much lower cost than would be possible without it. We’re not seeking investment funding.

The best way to support the Baking Notification Project is help us test our tech and processes by signing up to be a beta tester, subscribing to a baker in your neighborhood, and telling your friends about us. Follow us and learn more about what we’re up to on Instagram: @thebakingnotificationproject.

But if that’s not enough, if you’re excited about what we’re doing here, and you want to help us turn this into a business that is sustainable and that we can continue to offer for as long as there’s interest: Tell us if you see grant opportunities that we might be able to apply for: community, food, tech, woman-owned business, etc. Let us know if you have other ideas about how we can fund this project while staying true to our values.

*As of July 2023, the monthly access fee for bakers is $27/month. We may increase the monthly access fee for new bakers as necessary to continue to cover our monthly technology costs and other costs associated with running the Baking Notification Project, but we’ll be transparent about it.

Contact us

You can always reach out to the Baking Notification Project directly by emailing if you have questions, need help, or want to share feedback.

Follow us and learn more about what we’re up to on Instagram: @thebakingnotificationproject.